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Music for the Monday Blues


Some fun music was streaming across the screen today from the worlds of Steampunk and Blues Rock. Frenchy and the punk came out with another music video of one of their songs from their new album, “Bonjour Batfrog.” If you crossed Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” with Urine Town’s “Don’t be the Bunny” well you probably wouldn’t get Frenchy and the Punk’s “Don’t Fear the Rabbit” even if you tossed in a Batfrog, but it would be fun

Paula Sullivan, The Entertaining Organist at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

Recently when the Grand Rapids Public Museum had its grand opening of the Civil War Exhibition, Paula Sullivan played while a story of the Civil War unfolded on their screen.  Afterwards I stuck around and asked her how she got her start in music and what she does other than the Museum.  As a child she went to the theater in Fort Wayne where she grew up and loved to listen to their organist play for the shows and knew

New Lemon Demon Album Hits BandCamp!

I just ponied up $5 for the download and now, as I sit here writing this, I am listening to the new Lemon Demon – Live (Only Not) – album that was just released on on April 28th, 2011. The album rereleases some of their most popular songs including  The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny in a much better remix with the full band. I met Neil and the band at Youma Con 2010 where they blew away the audience with their lively music and humorous lyrics and