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Jazz and Jam at the 2013 New Orleans Voodoo Music and Arts Experience


Every day in New Orleans is like a music festival almost anywhere else, so when they hold a music festival it has to be over the top. This year’s Voodoo Music and Arts Experience promises to be top notch with rock classics like Pearl Jam and Jazz greats like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The festival starts on the morning of Friday November 1, 2013 and continues all weekend until the last note plays Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry though as that just means the bands will move

Music to live for in 2013 – Jazzfest


Jazzfest 2012 Photo by Weird Review Staff Photographer Captain Brian Epstein The winter is here in the cold, cruel north where I am from and with it comes the winter blues.  The weather gets dull and dreary and folks get S.A.D. – Season Affective Disorder – or just plain depressed.  They say a lack of sunshine and the shorter days will cause the winter blues but down in New Orleans the Blues and Jazz may just be your cure. According

The Voices of Legends…

A while back I was the Assistant to the award winning New Orleans Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, and cultural photographer, Syndey Byrd.  I don’t mean to brag as she won the awards, not me, but while working for Syndey she got requests from an artist for photos of specific musicians in specific positions to use as photo references for his artwork.  I spent days looking through tens of thousands of her photos to fill his request.  In the process I saw

The All Nighter – Huge, Meaty, and Dripping with Awesome Sauce!

Last night I was at The All Night Flea Market in Wheaton (Chicago area), Illinois.  On my way back from The All Nighter (I got that abreviation from Michelle Shields.  I don’t know if everyone uses it but it works for me!) I stopped for food on the way back and I was in the mood for a burger.  McDs said they could only do breakfast so I went on to Burger King and my eyes and appetite were soon