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Bellingrath Gardens is tops in Christmas lights in the Mobile Bay


From the frozen north to the balmy south a favorite Christmas tradition is decorating trees, houses, and most anything that doesn’t move (and a few that do) with colored lights.  Some flash, change colors, and even play music. After the lights are up, families will pile in the car and ride around and look ast their neighbors homes, and if lucky, the city park and other public locations will have more elaborate ones for their viewing. On the Mobile Bay,

The Year 200X Concert at Glass City Anime Con 2011

Saturday Night at the Glass City Anime Con 2001 the band Year 200X performed to the delight of the otaku in attendance. They rocked to the tunes of Nintendo and other games. In June 2006 Year 200X was featured in Nintendo Power Magazine and their first album “We Are Error” features thirteen songs from the Nintendo System. The following was recorded and posted with the permission of the band.

Eyeshine Concerts at Anime-ZING!

Johnny Yong Bosch and his band, Eyeshine performed Concerts at Anime-ZING! in Davenport, Iowa this past weekend. Eyeshine is an energetic and powerful group of skilled musicians with an edgy feel. The band members are Johnny Yong Bosch (guitar and vocals), Maurice Salmin (drums), Crystal Mesina (bass), and Daniel Lee (lead guitar.) Saturday night they rocked the house and Sunday morning they did an acoustic concert with Maurice playing the roll of duct tape on the top of a large

Would you still love me if I had slanted eyes?

A few weeks back I saw The Slants in concert at Anime Saint Louis.  They are based out of Portland, Oregon but they get around and were heading further east (Tennessee) when I was heading to Seattle, Washington the following weekend.  The genre of the Slants is Chinatown Dance Rock which really pins it down I suppose, but to me it was just good music and a fun concert.  They have a great rhythm and beat for dancing at a rave and