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A Must See for Comedians, Cosplayers, and Clowns – “My Old Friend” – Kenny Raskin!

I should start off by saying that, truth to tell, I have never met Kenny Raskin so the title may confuse you.  “My Old Friend” is a beautiful, comedic routine by Kenny Raskin. I ran across a video of professor Raskin’s performance when I saw a blip about it from Nancy, the wife of Pop Haydn, on Facebook.  At the time I was inclined to procrastinate on a Friday night rather than do the scores of things that I am trying

The Damsels of Dorkington – The Controversy Rages!

  A controversy exploded on the scene when I commented on Jeff Yenzer’s Facebook post, “You can’t spell Awesome without ME.  ;-D”  My thought was that, while just looking at this picture the first thought that comes to mind is, “That guy must be awesome!” but that he wouldn’t be awesome without the darlings known as The Damsels of Dorkington! I got an immediate response from Blythe Renay saying, “That’s not true.  Jeff has been awesome his whole life.” Apparently he has

An Interview with Pop Haydn and Nancy at the World Steam Expo

You can’t miss the talent of a virtuoso.  If you heard James Earl Jones ordering a burger over the speaker at a drive through or saw a ballerina gracefully sit down on the floor with a plate of food at a potluck you couldn’t miss the beauty and grace.  The same goes for Pop.  He performs the classic illusions with the fluidity and grace of a ballet dancer and the voice and manner of an award winning actor. While I watched

Prestidigitator Pop Haydn is Certifiable!

Just last night I saw the hilarious and clever prestidigitator, Pop Haydn in action at the World Steam Expo.  According to Pop’s business card he is a certifiable genius.  After seeing his show I would have to say that I am sure he is certifiable for many things, including Certifiably Hilarious! His hilarious patter was taylored to the event and his interaction with the audience flowed effortlessly.  He performed some of the old greats such as the cut and restored rope (here he tosses

Of Stockings and Steam – Hayley Jane at the World Steam Expo!

When I entered the ballroom where Hayley Jane was holding her seminar it had the respectful quiet one might expect during the solemn moments of a religious ceremony.  She held the audience in rapt attention as she explained her philosophies and concepts related to the art and science of the strip-tease.  During most events I shoot the click of my camera usually fades into the background but I actually had a few admonishing looks from the audience who were focussed