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Eyeshine Concerts at Anime-ZING!

Johnny Yong Bosch and his band, Eyeshine performed Concerts at Anime-ZING! in Davenport, Iowa this past weekend. Eyeshine is an energetic and powerful group of skilled musicians with an edgy feel. The band members are Johnny Yong Bosch (guitar and vocals), Maurice Salmin (drums), Crystal Mesina (bass), and Daniel Lee (lead guitar.) Saturday night they rocked the house and Sunday morning they did an acoustic concert with Maurice playing the roll of duct tape on the top of a large

The Grand Rapids Public Museum and The Clockwork Dolls?

Unfortunately no, but it would be wonderful to have them in the area performing. I was at the Grand Rapids, Michigan Public Museum recently for the grand opening party of their Civil War exhibit and spent some time taking some photos. Over the Memorial Day weekend I was at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, an amazing event where The Clockwork Dolls were one of several great bands. I ran into Allison of The Clockwork Dolls and discovered that not

An Interview with Pop Haydn and Nancy at the World Steam Expo

You can’t miss the talent of a virtuoso.  If you heard James Earl Jones ordering a burger over the speaker at a drive through or saw a ballerina gracefully sit down on the floor with a plate of food at a potluck you couldn’t miss the beauty and grace.  The same goes for Pop.  He performs the classic illusions with the fluidity and grace of a ballet dancer and the voice and manner of an award winning actor. While I watched

The Bawdy Boys Entertain Their Way Through Tales, Toasts, and Timeless Tunes at the World Steam Expo!

Once again the Detroit based band, the Bawdy Boys, drank and sang their way through the Memorial Day Weekend at the World Steam Expo. They describe their music as Folk/Celtic/Pirate and, I would add, drinking music, though they mainly drink between songs.  Of course, their music segues into toasts, humorous banter, jokes, and tales, which gives the members plenty of time to maintain sufficient moisture in their throats to move on to their next song. They sing traditional Irish songs as well

Would you still love me if I had slanted eyes?

A few weeks back I saw The Slants in concert at Anime Saint Louis.  They are based out of Portland, Oregon but they get around and were heading further east (Tennessee) when I was heading to Seattle, Washington the following weekend.  The genre of the Slants is Chinatown Dance Rock which really pins it down I suppose, but to me it was just good music and a fun concert.  They have a great rhythm and beat for dancing at a rave and