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The music of warriors, gamers, starships, airships, and Valkyrie – Victor Sierra


  Victor Sierra – Yesterday’s Tomorrow Mighty warriors gather, prepared for a great conflict, wearing armor and bearing weaponry that spans cultures and millenia. A dark storm brews overhead with rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning. The warriors are pumped full of adrenaline, fully knowing their death may be moments away yet caught up in the glory of battle and focussed on guiding the points and blades of their weapons as they charge into the host of enemies. The

Jazz and Jam at the 2013 New Orleans Voodoo Music and Arts Experience


Every day in New Orleans is like a music festival almost anywhere else, so when they hold a music festival it has to be over the top. This year’s Voodoo Music and Arts Experience promises to be top notch with rock classics like Pearl Jam and Jazz greats like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The festival starts on the morning of Friday November 1, 2013 and continues all weekend until the last note plays Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry though as that just means the bands will move