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Music for the medieval – Pirates and Wenches, now on CD


Renaissance Festivals are a great place to set the modern world to the side and escape to an otherwhen and see performances from jousting, sword fighting, jugglers, fire eaters and concerts with music of another time.  The band Pirates and Wenches have been offering up their music at the Olde World Village with their own, original music and traditional shanties. Jared Vaden plays his violin and other instruments for the band.  Ramberto Bastell is on the guitar and brings a strong Spanish influence to

Scales and Sounds at Summerfest


Friday evening on the 4th of July at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an eager audience of all ages gathered in the BMO Harris Pavilion to hear the legendary performers, Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds.  The evening was warm but comfortable and the smell of the food at the adjoining Barbecue was tempting but the audience was ready and waiting for the music as a huge saxophone playing puppet weaved through the crowded auditorium.  At times it seemed as though Harvey doubted that so many

The largest music festival in the world rocks Lake Michigan’s coast on the fourth of July


Milwaukee’s Summerfest is now in full throttle and running hot on the Fourth of July.  The music has been playing since June 25th and doesn’t stop until July 6th.  Herb Fellerer, one of the staff photographers for Mardi Gras Memories and The Weird Review, has been bragging about The Summerfest for a few years and claiming it to be the largest Music Festival in the world. As a veteran of event coverage including Mardi Gras, it was intriguing to hear about this event that even blew