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Meet the Musicians: Frenchy and the Punk


  Frenchy and the Punk can be seen at conventions and festivals across the US and in Europe.  Their music is a marvelous mélange of mellifluous melodies and deliciously diverse ditties, the best description comes from the source. John N Collins (JNC): How would you describe your band? Samantha Stephenson (SS): We call it Indie Folk Punk Cabaret. (JNC): Who are your band members? (SS): Samantha Stephenson – Vocals, Percussion, Drums Scott Helland – Guitar, Live Guitar Looping, Vocals, Drums (JNC): Can you

George Takei and ‘Allegiance’ go bass ackwards and bottoms up today on Youtube – Oh My!

Special Post Show Annoucement! Today only you can get the 6 song mini album for free!     In checking last nights email, as of 4:30 p.m. on 10/28/2014 there was an invitation from George Takei to attend a special, online event on Youtube today at 1 p.m. EST.  Once again, Mr. Takei is defying tradition and going bottoms up.  He is taking his new, not  yet on Broadway, musical “Allegiance a New American Musical” and showcasing an hour of its