Music for the Monday Blues

Some fun music was streaming across the screen today from the worlds of Steampunk and Blues Rock.

Frenchy and the punk came out with another music video of one of their songs from their new album, “Bonjour Batfrog.”

If you crossed Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” with Urine Town’s “Don’t be the Bunny” well you probably wouldn’t get Frenchy and the Punk’s “Don’t Fear the Rabbit” even if you tossed in a Batfrog, but it would be fun trying.  Regardless, give a look and listen to this delightful duo’s new video.

 After you have checked them out pop over to Joe Bonamassa’s official site for a free album he put out to celebrate his fans.  Whether or not you are a Joe Bonamassa fan, give it a listen and you may find yourself converted to the cause as you rock to the blues!

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